NVIDIA Delivers the Fastest Notebook GPU Ever – and More

rene_haas_nvidiaToday NVIDIA launched the new line of GeForce enthusiast and high performance notebook GPUs, the GTX series and GTS series. We’re excited to launch these new products for a number of reasons.

The new flagship GeForce GTX 280M is the fastest Notebook GPU in the world and when coupled with SLI the fastest multi-GPU notebook solution. Playing the latest demanding 3D games with desktop-caliber settings on a notebook is finally a reality.

The new line-up of notebook GPUs from NVIDIA include:

• GeForce GTX 280M and 260M enthusiast notebook GPUs. The GeForce GTX 280M is the world’s fastest notebook GPU

• GeForce GTS 160M and 150M, perfect GPUs for high-performance, sleek notebooks.

These new GPUs are designed to maximize performance while minimizing power consumption. By leveraging an advanced 55nm-process with the G92 GPU architecture we’re able to deliver up to 50% higher performance and increase the perf/mm^2 by 80%, all within the same power budget, compared to the previous generation. With this level of efficiency, these new enthusiast GPUs are perfectly suited for the notebook market and deliver up to 30% more performance than our competition.


One note about product names – We made the decision to name this product series the GeForce GTX 280M and GTX 260M as it lines up with our company-wide product naming format (GTX x60-x95 is enthusiast, GTS x40-x60 is high-performance, etc), making it easier for end users to determine which GPU is best for them. We understand the die-hards (and admittedly our best customers) might want our naming format to reflect the underlying architecture. To the technical minded reader, we readily acknowledge the underlying GPU architecture, and are thrilled to bring you these new super-breed 55nm GPUs which drive so much more performance than our previous generation…up to 50% more.

In addition to raw graphics performance, these GPUs also offer NVIDIA PhysX technology that enables a totally new class of physical gaming interaction in upcoming games and existing ones like EA’s Mirror’s Edge. NVIDIA CUDA technology is also built in, so users can accelerate demand tasks such as video transcoding up to 10 times. These GPUs also are included in the new notebook driver downloads from nvidia.com, which I’ve blogged about in the past so you’re always up-to-date with the latest apps and games.


These products also complete the launch of our entire new set of notebook GeForce GPUs, which we believe offer great value to end users. The GTX” series is for enthusiast gamers who desire gaming performance above anything else. The GTS” series is ideal for high-performance gamers who also want a sleek notebook. The GT” is our performance GPU product line and offers a great mix of GPU capability and mobility. And the G” is for mainstream users who desire maximum mobility.

Finally, along with the announcement of these new notebook GPUs we’ve launched a new microsite on nvidia.com that talks more about the advantages of gaming on a notebook and some of the unique features offered by these GPUs, as well as information about our partner’s systems which include them. We urge you to check it out and see which of these new GPUs is right for you.

As end users are gravitating more toward mobile form factors we’re investing resources to deliver more compelling solutions in this space. You can see that with the new ION product for ultra portability and affordability, Tegra for smartphones, and these new enthusiast GeForce notebook GPUs today. NVIDIA solutions for mobile devices are available for all types of users.

Rene Haas is General Manager of Notebooks at NVIDIA

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