Toshiba Unveils Tecra R850 Notebook

The 15-inch Toshiba Tecra R850 is the third of Toshiba's new series of business-class notebooks that consists of the 13-inch Portege R830 and the 14-inch Tecra ...

Toshiba Introduces Tecra R840 Notebook

In addition to the 13-inch Portege R830, Toshiba has also introduced the Tecra R840 14-inch business class notebook which follows the industrial design cues fro...

AMD Benches ATI Brand, Keeping Radeon

When AMD bought graphics card maker ATI, the result was an awkward double branding of AMD and ATI that as it turns out confused consumers. But AMD has decid...
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Do You Need a GPU? It’s For More Than Gaming!

When looking for a new computer a lot of people ask their technologically inclined friend what options they need and which ones to pass on. One question that comes up more often these days from notebook shoppers is, "Do I need a GPU?" It used to be that any question about graphics came back to whether or not the purchaser was a gamer but anymore adding a GPU or Graphical Processing Unit to your notebook is about more than gaming.

MXM Brings Flexibility to Notebook Graphics

rene_haas_nvidiaBack in 2004 our notebook partners faced a tough problem – every notebook needed to be custom engineered for each GPU. That might not make a difference to consumers, who just buy complete notebooks with a GPU inside, but the problem with custom engineering is that it takes a lot more time and effort to bring a notebook to the market with the latest GPU.