Wait! Don’t Buy That New Mac Notebook Yet!

It may seem like a great time to head out and buy a new MacBook or MacBook Air to prepare for the back to school saga, but you should wait one more week before you buy an Apple notebook. All signs point to a new MacBook Air and possibly even a new MacBook on July 14th.

Rumors have swirled around for some time about a new MacBook Air, fueled by the age of the current MacBook. We now finally have a solid lead. According to 9to5Mac, Apple has scheduled overnight Apple Store preparations for July 13th.

MacBook Air Refresh on July 14th

MacBook Air Sandy Bridge Refresh

MacBook Air: Ready for a Refresh

Apple typically schedules overnight events like the one scheduled for July 13th before they launch a new product. The overnight prep teams put signage into place and move new products on to the show floor so that consumers can go hands on with the new products.

At this point, a  new MacBook Air is a sure thing. We expect faster Intel Sandy Bridge processors designed for ultraportable notebooks, a HD Facetime webcam and Thunderbolt port on the refreshed MacBook Air. We may also see faster storage or a backlit keyboard, but we aren’t holding our breath.

New White MacBook July 2011


new white macbook

Will Apple release a new white MacBook on July 14th?

A new white MacBook is less of a sure thing, but the current model is over a  year old and lacking severely in the spec department. This is a pivotal time for the MacBook. If Apple doesn’t refresh the white MacBook before school starts it is a kiss of death and confirmation of the MacBook Air 11″ as the new entry-level Mac.

If Apple does update the popular MacBook we expect a new Intel Sandy Bridge processor, Thunderbolt and a Facetime HD webcam. At this point it would be a surprise to see a change in looks.

OS X Lion Release Date

Mac OS X Lion demo showing off new features.

You should begin prepping your Mac for Lion, because it looks good for a launch on July 14th as well. The OS X 10.7 upgrade will only be available via the Mac App Store, but Apple will be getting all the in store computers set up with the new OS and plastering signs to alert consumers to the announcement.

If you have purchased a computer in the past few weeks you can get a free upgrade to Lion, but at this point, it is worth waiting to get a new MacBook of any model. The OS X Lion upgrade will bring many improvements and will cost $29.99.


A week may seem like a long wait for a new notebook, especially if you are ready to buy right now, but it is more than worth it for the potential upgrades coming down the pipe. The other good news is that Apple’s back to school $100 App Gift Card Deal is still valid after the refresh, so there are really no reasons to by a Mac until July 14th.

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