Behind the Scenes: Explore the IdeaPad U300s Design Process

It’s one thing to grab a notebook, but some notebooks obviously have more thought put into them. The IdeaPad U300s is a new Ultrabook from Lenovo that embodies the design of a book, but is perhaps the most beautiful and powerful book you’ll ever hold.

The IdeaPad U300s team gets a chance to share what went in to this “100 person re-imagination of the laptop” in a new behind the scenes video from Lenovo.

I’m impressed with the looks and specs of the notebook from afar, even though it still lacks and SD card reader, and I am looking forward to going hands on with one soon.

The Behind the Design video shows off the features that make the notebook attractive, yet not just something pretty to look at. I wish more notebook manufacturers would pay attention to this design principle shared by Yao Yingjia, design VP for Lenovo.

We want users to feel that although there is very high technology inside, it is natural and friendly to hold in your hands.

Some have been quick to make comparisons to the MacBook Air or Macbook Pro, thanks to the glass touchpad and focus on aesthetics, but this one looks like more than an attempt to make notebook that looks like an Apple product. We’ve seen those types of notebooks before, and they always come close, but rarely innovate.

Ideapad U300s ultrabook

IdeaPad U300s

If you look at enough notebooks, you can start to get an idea of which companies are trying to copy Apple, and which companies are trying to bring a better looking, better functioning notebook to market. It shouldn’t be a surprise that by succeeding in the latter, the final result will share some design traits with Apple’s products.

What do you think about the design of the U300s? Will you be buying one when they are up for sale?

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