Keyboard Stickers Spice up your Keyboard with Legos, a Rainbow and more

If you’re sick of typing away on your bland notebook keyboard; but aren’t ready to take your keys off and paint them then you need to check out these cool keyboard stickers from Etsy seller OpenAndClose. For just $15 you can transform your run of the mill MacBook keyboard into a Lego covered key-scape or a rainbow of creativity.

OpenAndClose, who also offers Macbook pro and iPad skins, sells several variations of the keyboard stickers including;

  • Lego
  • Rainbow
  • Candy
  • Photoshop
  • Children’s Kingdom
  • Wall-Brick
  • Cute Style
  • Canvas

The keyboard stickers are made of Avery MPI, an easy to remove and clean material according to the shop seller so after the initial excitement wears off you can go back to the pleasure of a backlit keyboard!

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