Jammit App Lets You Jam With the Pros

Jammit App is an app that helps aspiring musicians learn how to jam like the pros. There are a lot of music learning apps out there, but Jammit App is unique because it allows users to play along with the actual recording artists they hear on the radio, or more likely their iPods.

The guys behind Jammit App are music industry veterans and have struck deals with record labels to bring popular songs like Smoke On the Water, I’m Just a Girl and Dirty Little Secret into the app. Users can listen to individual tracks, such as the guitarist, and follow along on sheet music. After some practice, they can stand in for their favorite rockstar and hit record the jam session.

As someone that studied music for a decade, I can certainly appreciate Jammit App. It’s infinitely better than simply picking up a stack of sheet music or trying to play along with a band on the radio. With Jammit App, you can loop a few measures and slow down difficult parts without distortion.

The Jammit App will provide access to the Jammit Store, which will have version of songs suited for Drums, Vocals, Bass, Guitar and Keyboard learning and recording. Jammit App will launch with primarily rock songs, but there are hopes to branch into more genres.

Jammit App will run on any current iOS device, including the iPad and iPhone 4.

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