Verbatim Touch Mouse Brings Apple Magic Mouse Feel to Windows [Review]

The Verbatim Touch Mouse brings the touch a functionality of the Apple Magic Mouse to the Windows universe, but is that a good thing? In our testing, the Verbatim Touch Mouse offers mixed results.

Verbatim Touch Mouse

The Apple Magic Mouse does not have a great reputation, even among some Apple fans who find it awkward and uncomfortable to use. This hasn’t stopped Verbatim from trying to bring the touch enabled mouse to the PC world, but the company has a hard time making the mouse stand out as Microsoft has recently launched their own Touch Mouse.

Apple Magic Mouse and Verbatim Touch Mouse

Apple Magic Mouse on left and Verbatim Touch Mouse on right


The Verbatim Touch Mouse is a wireless mouse that comes with its own 2.4Ghz USB receiver. The entire top of the mouse is both a button and a touchpad, just like the Apple Magic Mouse. Unlike the Magic Mouse it is black and instead of a rounded top, the front and back are rounded while the sides are squared. Unlike the Magic Mouse, the Touch Mouse will work on Windows and Mac.Verbatim Touch Mouse Bottom

On the bottom, the Touch Mouse comes with a small USB receiver that is housed in a hole in the bottom of the mouse when not in use. It also has an on/off button which saves conserves battery life while not in use. Most mice with a self-housed USB receiver will turn on and off automatically when you push the receiver into its compartment, but the Verbatim Touch Mouse does not.


The most important questions with any mouse are comfort and functionality. Because of its size and shape it is slightly more comfortable than the Magic Mouse. The back of the mouse is raised giving your palm somewhere to rest. The front is a little lower making it easier to touch than the Magic Mouse.

Verbatim Touch Mouse Side View

Touch Gestures

To scroll up and down you swipe one finger either up or down. The on-screen reaction is slower with this mouse than with most other mice or the built-in trackpad of on laptops. To go back and forward in your browsing history on the Internet or in your folder viewing history in Windows Explorer, you swipe up or down with two fingers. This is unintuitive since most of the time we want to swipe left or right for history browsing, like you do on the Apple Magic Mouse or on a trackpad.

The problem with the Touch Mouse is the whole touch concept. What we hate most about mousing is having to use a touchpad. Most laptops have horrible touchpads and the primary reasons are size and sensitivity. The Touch Mouse has a tiny touch surface and is only moderately sensitive. We do not recommend it as a replacement for the notebook for this reason. If you really like a touchpad and want one for your desktop, this might be a good compromise.

Verbatim Touch Mouse Right Click

Buttons and Clicking

The other big problem with the Verbatim Touch Mouse is the button. A typical left click, which is what you do with a mouse the majority of the time, is no problem at all. Just like the Apple Magic Mouse it is hard to consistently get a proper right-click. To do so you push on the right side of the mouse surface instead of the left. However, most of the time this engages the entire button and causes a typical left click to be sent to the computer. The key is not getting too close the right edge of the mouse while clicking, and it got easier over time, but a right click isn’t something you should need to think about.

Verbatim Touch Mouse USB Receiver


The Verbatim Touch Mouse lists for $54, but is available at Amazon for a much more reasonable $31.62.


We think this mouse is a good choice only for those who really wish they could use something like the Apple Magic Mouse with a Windows machine. It is a unique idea with only a  few mice like this one, but there is a reason. The scroll wheel just works better.


  • Small and easy to carry around
  • USB receiver has storage compartment in mouse
  • More comfortable than Apple Magic Mouse
  • Windows and Mac compatible


  • Touch surface not responsive
  • Hard to consistently right-click
  • Glossy so attracts finger prints

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