Tips to Keep You Gadgets and Credit Cards Safe When Traveling (Super Bowl)

Whether you’re heading to the Super Bowl or hitting the road for vacation, keeping all of your gadgets safe is a top priority and one that can be done fairly easily with a little bit of prep. has just shared 10 Super Bowl Scams and How not to Get Played, which includes good advice for online transactions, carrying your credit cards and keeping your laptop and smartphone safe.

In addition to watching out for fake Super Bowl tickets, be sure you’ve updated your antivirus protection to be prepared for the Super Bowl related spam and scams which may try to install a virus on your computer. We recommend Microsoft Security Essentials or another free antivirus tool from AVG or Avast.

Always important for traveling is to keep your credit cards to a minimum,

Credit Cards, Debit Cards. Try not to take your entire inventory of debit and credit cards with you. OK. I understand that you absolutely, positively need your Packer or Steelers affinity credit card on your person at all times this weekend, but perhaps you could limit your plastic to that one card plus a debit card to ensure access to the cash required to speed your purchases of  $14 beers, $9 hot dogs and favorite team t-shirts, hats and sweatshirts ($32, $42 and $79.99 respectively)  at the concession stands.”

The same goes for your gadgets. If you can slim down to one or two devices instead of 4 different gadgets do so, and leave the extras at home.

When you get to your destination, be sure to secure your notebook and iPad in the safe. If you’re lucky the safe may even have a power outlet to charge your devices. as warms, “Your room is not as impenetrable as the Green Bay or Pittsburgh front line. There are lots of folks who walk through it, clean it, restock it, or simply sneak into it looking to collect their favorite types of souvenirs.”

Also, be sure that you keep your smart phone locked down. With more and more financial information taking place on your phone you should have a password to lock the phone in the event it is lost.

To locate your gadgets if you lose them we recommend checking out some of the following tools.

Do you have any travel tips for keeping your stuff safe? If so, share them below.

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