Acer Ties New Laptop to Start Trek Into Darkness Release

A new Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer taunts Trek fans with well-chosen collection of action scenes and Acer partnered with the film’s producers to tease a brand new notebook hoping to tap into the excitement for the coming action film.


Acer’s ad intersperses scenes from the Star Trek: Into Darkness film with video of their “unique notebook” which they say will arrive on May 3rd, two full weeks before the movie hits theaters. The video shows the Acer free falling, cut just after the heros Captain Kirk and Dr. McKoy jump off a cliff. We see the aluminum case sliding down a rock wall sparks flying to indicate the metal body. As it falls through the air in the next scene the notebook opens revealing a previously unseen design with a unique hinge labeled with the Acer logo. The release date flashes on screen and then the computer closes again.

The laptop seems to have a unique hinge previously unseen in Acer’s line of portable PCs. As the laptop rolls down the steep incline, the laptop’s screen starts to catch wind, revealing the laptop to have a screen that’s capable being repositioned in a fashion similar to many Ultrabook convertibles.

Here’s Acer’s version of the trailer below:

The new computer will run Microsoft Windows 8, which received a cool reception from critics. World-wide computer shipments fell by anywhere from 11.2% to 14% in Q1 2013 depending on which research firm we trust. The plummeting figures came most likely  due to the world’s economic situation, popular Apple and Android tablets and possibly due in part to a lackluster attitude about Windows 8 among PC users.

In addition, laptop prices rose slightly now that OEMs put touch screens in Windows 8 machines. Windows 8 without a touch screen doesn’t make much sense unless Microsoft chooses to bring back the Start button to help users find their software. Rumors suggest Microsoft might make the move in the interim 8.1 release of Windows, code-named Windows Blue.

We’re not surprised that Acer chose to attach their release to the popular action flick in hopes of turning things around or at least stemming the decline. The interesting design shown in the clips above will likely appeal to buyers, if Acer can also hit the right blend of quality hardware and affordable pricing that Acer buyers expect.

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