Microsoft Slate Plans Could Be Part of October 11 Windows Phone 7 Event

There is a rumor reported by Neowin that a Windows-based slate meant to compete with the iPad could be part of the already scheduled Windows Phone 7 announcement on October 11. This comes from sources familiar with the company’s plans” and says that they will speak briefly about the company’s future Slate plans.” If the rumor is true, there will be a Windows answer to the iPad by Christmas from one or more unnamed manufacturer(s).


Readers of this site and our sister site,, will know that Windows on a slate or tablet device is nothing new, despite all that you read from the tech media today, nor is an HP slate with Windows. The first ones were introduced nearly a decade ago. But with the sale of millions of iPads, there is now pressure on Microsoft to answer with something that will appeal to a broader audience than just the vertical markets of medical fields and others who use slates with Windows now.

Earlier this year at CES Steve Ballmer touted a forthcoming HP slate running Windows 7. He even demonstrated the device live on stage. But then HP bought Palm and all promises were off regarding Windows and the slate. There have been reports saying that HP would scrap plans for the slate Ballmer displayed. Others reported that the project was still going forward. The removal of their CEO and replacement during this time may have had an effect on the company’s plans  as well.

If there is news of a Microsoft slate from HP or anyone else on October 11, rest assured we will be covering it.

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