Toshiba’s Wireless Universal Docking Station

Toshiba’s latest innovation is a snazzy gadget called the dynadock wireless U Universal USB docking station. The compact accessory seeks to be your home’s one-stop solution for connecting to all of your peripherals wirelessly. The station is equipped with 4 Plug-and-Play USB ports in the back and 2 USB Sleep-and-Charge ports in the front, which means you should never have issues to plugging in all of your printers, mp3 players, cameras and other accessories. The dynadock U comes with both a built-in sound card and video card for smooth performance if you hook up an external monitor. A Wireless USB dongle is required to connect your notebook to the docking station.

You can pre-order the docking station from Toshiba Direct for $299; it is expected to ship within 1 to 2 weeks. You can read Toshiba’s press release and catch a glimpse of the wireless docking station below:



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