How To Setup a Wireless Router (video)

Whether you’re a student heading to an off campus apartment or a homeowner looking for an easier way to get connected a wireless router is an easy and cheap way to use the Internet anywhere in your house.

RocketBoom just launched RocketBoomTech, a new YouTube channel dedicated to technology and shows us in the video below how to buy and install a wireless router.

Adding WiFi to your home is a very straightforward process even for those who aren’t tech savvy. One other piece of advice regarding strong passwords is to , in this case only, write the security key on a small piece of paper and tape it to your router so that you can easily share with trusted friends. Don’t do this in a public or work setting but at home you’ll save yourself frustration later.

There are often deals to be found on wireless routers at your local office supply store and online. Here are a selection of wireless routers from Belkin, Linksys and NetGear to start your search.

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