Toshiba launches UX600, the new Internet TV

Toshiba_UX600_HDTV-540x361Convergence is the name of the game these days. Consumers television, Internet, music, phone, etc are all looking to be on one device in one form or fashion. It is the new thing for 2010.  True, this isn’t a new idea, but its an idea that is picking up more speed  in all technology industries across the board.  If your device cant do every multimedia function plus. then you are out of the market.  CES 2010 showed the majority of television vendors showing their version of a convergence Internet television.

The next vendor to go convergence is Toshiba.  They have just announced a new LED HDTV, the UX600 series, complete with an included WiFi adapter in the box and the ability to access YouTube, VUDU, Pandora and various social networking services like Facebook and Twitter.  It even comes with a USB dongle to make connecting devices easier.  Its an Internet HDTV plus.  This is what the old WebTV should have been, but that was before the invention of a lot of this newer technology.

Three models in the UX600 range will be available initially, the 40UX600, 46UX600 and 55UX600 sized at 40-inches, 46-inches and 55-inches respectively.  Prices range from $1400- $2500 depending on size.

Will Internet TV catch on this time?  WebTV fell pretty hard since there wasnt a wide adoption rate.  And will consumers think about something like this when its time to replace their television with a new HDTV?  And what about 3D television? How will this come in to the convergence theme?   Watching NBC in 3D and then being able to Tweet in 3D?

Toshiba’s full press release:


Slim and easy to use, the UX600 with included Wi-Fi® adapter delivers

digital entertainment on demand

Wayne, NJ — March 22, 2010 — Toshiba America Consumer Products L.L.C. (Toshiba”), a market leader in LCD TVs, today announced the availability of the new UX600 LED TV, offering breakthrough picture quality with advanced interactive features for non-stop entertainment.

Entertainment on-demand is taken to new levels with the UX600’s NET TVâ„¢ capabilities.  Net TV includes a wide variety of applications that broaden the definition of TV Content” and enrich the overall user experience.  VUDUâ„¢ Movies offers true 1080p HD, 5.1 surround sound and gives viewers access to over 3,000 HD movies on demand. NET TV also streams audio applications such as Pandora® and creates personalized Channels” of the music users enjoy.  Viewers can also keep in touch while watching TV through social networking applications like Facebook® and Twitter®.  Additionally, video and photo services such as YouTubeâ„¢, Flickr®, and Picasaâ„¢ Web Albums let users share content with friends and family wherever they live.  News services including the New York Times®, AP, National Weather, and more, provide up to the minute information about the world around you.  And, the customizable Ticker” available at the bottom of the screen allows you to keep up to date with information from Twitter, News, Weather, or Stocks, automatically.

In order to provide consumers with simple and instant access to the Internet, the UX600 also comes equipped with its own Wi-Fi adapter. Unlike some other Internet capable televisions, the UX600 is ready to deliver the latest content right out-of-the-box. The included WPA Wi-Fi adapter eliminates the need to purchase additional accessories, and simplifies the set-up process.

This is a high quality LED TV that is both simple and fun!” said Scott Ramirez, VP, TV Marketing.  We have packed amazingly deep LED picture quality, robust Internet capability, and a long list of key Toshiba features, into our new slim Air Lagoonâ„¢ design, and included a Wi-Fi Adapter to make it a total pleasure from day one.  This is a package people will be excited to own.”

Available in 40″, 46″ and 55″ sizes (measured respectively at 40.0″, 46.0″ and 54.6″ diagonally), the UX600 is packed with a number of cutting-edge picture quality features.  The stunning  3M:1 dynamic contrast ratio LED produces a clearer, crisper image.  To ensure consistent contrast levels, the UX600 benefits from Toshiba’s CrystalCoatâ„¢ high contrast screen coating to keep contrast high in bright rooms, AutoViewâ„¢ which analyzes ambient room light and the incoming video signal to automatically create the optimal picture in all lighting conditions and   DynaLightâ„¢ automatically adjusts the backlight intensity based on the incoming video signal.  All this is combined with the Pixel PureÃ’ 5G engine, whose superior processing enhances the quality of high definition and standard definition images.   Fast-paced action video also achieves the ultimate clarity with Toshiba’s ClearFrameâ„¢ 120Hz technology which doubles the video frames from 60 per second to 120 per second to reduce any motion blur that may occur when watching sports or action movies.  The superior picture quality is matched by superior sound quality as Dolby® Volume ensures a consistent volume level, even during commercials or when changing channels.

Going above and beyond an ordinary television, the UX600 also boasts many other features designed to enhance the consumer experience.  Photo Frame capability lets consumers effortlessly view photos in an automatic slide show, allowing the TV to act as both a TV, and a digital photo frame.  Gaming Mode is designed reduce game controller delay, giving the player improved reaction time and a more realistic playing experience.  With the UX600, these, along with a list of other advanced features, transform television viewing.

The UX600 heralds a new luxurious appearance for Toshiba’s LED range, featuring a slim, gorgeous Air Lagoonâ„¢ design less than 2″ in depth. As efficiency is also important, the UX600 also meets ENERGY STARÃ’ 4.0 requirements.

Pricing and Availability:

The 40UX600, 46UX600 and 55UX600 will be available to purchase from March 2010 at a

Suggested Retail Price of $1,399.99, 1,699.99 and $2,499.99 respectively.

For full product details and more information on the UX600 as well as other television products, please visit or

About Toshiba America Consumer Products, L.L.C.

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