Intel Unveils Tablet with WiDi Wireless Display Technology

Today at the Intel Developer Forum 2010, Intel unveiled a new tablet with WiDi wireless display technology. Though the tablet isn’t available for consumers yet, it is a tech demo, the concept is something worth getting excited over.

WiDi is nothing new to the notebook world. Intel Wireless Display technology can be found in many notebooks offered from Best Buy, as well as other retailers. Similar technology, such as the HP Wireless TV Connect, is even being offered for computers that don’t have the technology built-in. However, it has yet to be implemented into one of the newest, most popular platforms; the tablet. That is, until now. This is a first for not only the tablet world, but also for any device running off of an Intel Atom processor.

In order for the WiDi technology to work, the user will need a WiDi TV adapter and a WiDi capable device, such as the tablet that was demoed. These components should allow high quality video and audio to be streamed from the tablet to the TV. In the video below from, it seems as though there isn’t a whole lot of lag, but enough that the average person might notice it. This is something that may be addressed and altered prior to this technology actually entering the market.

This new technology could bring some new, competitive entrants into the tablet market, which is currently dominated by the Apple iPad.

Via Liliputing

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