HP TouchSmart- Why Can't I Have This Interface on My Tablet?

usually don’t take much interest in desktop computers, but I really like the HP TouchSmart’s new touch interface. Check out the video in this post and the suite of applications that are specifically built for a touch interface.

I’ve been using a tx2000z for the past few weeks. While its touchscreen allows me to do simple tasks like peck at on-screen remotes and scroll, I can’t do anything too productive with my fingers. However, the UI loaded into the new TouchSmart makes it easy to edit photos, control multimedia and more with the touch of a finger.Obviously it’s easier to pack more sensors into a desktop than a notebook,

Usually when we see demos of touchscreen tablets we’re treated a not-so-amazing display of finger painting.

It’s easier to show than tell, so just watch the video.

update: I just interviewed Kevin Frost of HP and he confirmed at least one HP notebook will get a similar touch interface before Windows 7 launches.

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