Macbook burns your skin if you arent careful

Laptop 101: Laptops can get hot when used for a long period of time.  This is why most laptop users tend to have it resting on a flat surface (desk, pillow, tv tray, etc) when using it.  I know when I use my Macbook, I sit on the floor and have it resting on my coffee table.  And, if you do wind up using it on your lap, you can just be careful, or get one of those laptop usb cooling fans that attaches to the bottom.  Easy right?  Well, sometimes this doesnt happen.

Right now, there is a story over on The Consumerist, the consumer advocacy site run owned by Consumer Reports, about a Macbook user who had her Macbook on her lap for a long enough time to cause a blister.  Ouch.  In her own words:

My boss uses a Macbook Pro 2007. A three year old computer. She uses it both at work and at home – on the desk with a fan at work, and on her lap at home. One day, it felt a little warm, but she didn’t mind – it felt nice! She was just happily doing some accounting for work – in other words, running very small programs that shouldn’t be affecting how hot or slow the Macbook was running. After a couple hours, she realized she was developing a blister.

The rest of the story goes into her issues with Apple when she turned in the laptop for repairs, etc.  Macbooks are known to have heat issues from time to time, but I havent read anything about something this severe before.  Apple’s response about this issue? Use the Macbook on a flat surface.  So much for calling it a laptop.

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