MacBook Air Display Glitches Continue – Fuzzy External Display (video)

If you thought Apple fixed all the MacBook Air display issues with the recent OS X 10.6.5 software upate hold onto your screens. Reports are coming in from users who are experiencing additional display issues when connecting to an external display.

You can see the MacBook Air 11 inch display glitching in the video below from Science Fiction author Tobias Buckell who is on his second MacBook Air with display problems.

He writes, “When plugged into my 24″ external monitor, it ‘fuzzes’ or makes the screen go squiggly randomly (could be 10 minutes, could be 20). I updated the OS to the most recent version.”

The problem isn’t isolated as it happened on more than one monitor and is accompanied by freezes and system lockups.

Buckell isn’t alone. The Apple user forums have similar reports from other users who have similar MacBook Air display freezing and fuzziness; some who are on their third MacBook Air.

Here is another video of the MacBook Air display glitch, this time wiggling.

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