CUPP Hybrid Brings ARM CPU, Android to Your OS X-Powered MacBook Pro

CUPP is bringing a modular hybrid solution to convert your power-hungry laptops powered by a desktop OS into a power-sipping a smartbook with a mobile operating system, such as MeeGo or Android, powered by a modular conversion that brings an ARM-based processor design. The solution that CUPP is introducing will enable users to switch between a desktop OS–such as Windows or OS X–and a mobile OS, which is less power hungry.

A good use case scenario for CUPP’s solution is when you’ve basically depleted your MacBook Pro’s battery–which isn’t hard to do when you’re away from your charger and running some CPU and GPU intensive programs–and really need to finish editing a blog post, Word document, or adding some more cells to your Excel spreadsheet. Just save your document, and hit the physical switch–which you’ll add via the modular conversion kit–and you’re off to Android where you can finish off your Office duties in QuickOffice or Documents to Go suites.

To hack your MacBook Pro system to use CUPP’s solution, you’ll essentially be giving up your slot-loading optical drive–goodbye CDs and DVDs, by inserting a small board with the ARM CPU into the optical drive. The kit will also give you a switch so you can quickly toggle to the ARM-based environment, which looks like it will occupy the space for the Kensington lock port on the side of the MacBook Pro next to the optical drive.

Essentially, when switched to the ARM mode, you’ll essentially be using your MacBook Pro–or comparable, compatible notebook–in a mode that resembles Motorola’s Atrix 4G with the Laptop Dock and Webtop OS. You’ll utilize the notebook’s screen and full-sized keyboard along with trackpad, but you’ll derive your computing power from the modular ARM board add-on rather than the Atrix 4G in this case.

Image: Courtesy of Flickr

Via: JKK Mobile

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