Samsung RV511 Hand on and First Impressions

The Samsung RV511 is a budget priced notebook running the first gen Intel Core i3 processor and sporting an eye catching silver look. The RV511 retails for around $550 and can be found on the shelf of your local Best Buy. It is not a powerhouse, but it does have a good collection of specs and a few extras that help justify the price. We will be posting a full review of the Samsung RV511 in a few weeks, but wanted to share our first impressions in this mini-review.

Samsung RV511 Hands On

Samsung RV511

Samsung RV511 Quick Specs

The Samsung RV511 we have in for review has a 2.53GHz Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM and a 500GB hard drive that is partitioned into two segments. The RV511 A01 has Intel integrated graphics and a 15.6″ LED backlit LED display with 1366 x 768 resolution. There is a built in .3 MP webcam and a microphone for chatting. One extra, which accounts for a portion of the higher than average price, is the inclusion of WiMAX for on the go fast internet connectivity with a WiMAX account in select areas.

Samsung RV511 Performance

During our initial use, the Samsung RV511 has been able to handle most home office and student tasks including web surfing, office documents and watching HD video. This isn’t a system designed for playing games, but it should handle some casual web based games.

Samsung RV511 Keyboard and Mouse

Samsung RV511 Keyboard

Samsung RV511 Keyboard

The keyboard on the Samsung RV511 is a chiclet or island style keyboard and so far has offered an average typing experience. The spacing and the amount of travel in the keys is nice, but the overall feel of the keys is very flat which can make it difficult to tell when you have landed on a specific key.

Samsung RV511 Mousepad

Samsung RV511 Mousepad

The mousepad is relatively large and offers support for pinch to zoom and two finger scrolling. We found the two finger scrolling to work very nicely, delivering an above average mousing experience for a Windows notebook. The mousepad however has one downside so far, it picks up our palm quite a bit while typing and there is not a quick on/off button like that found on other computers. We will look into adjusting these settings for the final review to see if we can increase the palm rejection.

Build and Design

The overall build seems about average for a consumer notebook, with a noticeable amount of flex in the base of the notebook when you apply pressure, but thankfully this doesn’t lead to a mushy keyboard. The display is fairly sturdy and should handle the rigors of use at home or at school.

The look of the RV511 is quite nice with a silver finish throughout and fingerprint resistant lid that begs to be touched. The lid of the Samsung RV511 has slightly raised edges and a two tone finish that looks nice.

Samsung RV511 Review

Samsung RV511 Raised Finish Closeup

In addition to looking nice, the finish feels a bit like the holographic baseball cards you used to find in specially marked packs of cereal growing up. You know, the ones that you could run your fingers over to make a fast zipper-like noise. Overall, it’s nice, but if you find yourself drawn to making annoying noises, this notebook could get you in trouble.

Samsung RV511 Mini Review

Samsung RV511 A01

Stay tuned for our full Samsung RV511 Review in the next few weeks.

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