Ergotron WorkFit C Review: A “Standup” Stand Up Desk

Stand up desks and treadputers have been common internet fixtures for the past several years, but not exactly commonplace in offices and homes of “regular” workers. That’s something that Ergotron is hoping to change with its Just Stand campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of working while standing. The Ergotron WorkFit-C is a standing desk that also allows users to alternate between sitting or standing with a simple push or pull.

Ergotron sent over a WorkFit-C, which retails for $899, for us to test out and our backs and productivity love it!

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The WorkFit-C adjusts a total of 25″ with a 20″ overall adjustment and a 5″ LCD only adjustment and the dual station can support dual 22″ or smaller LCDs that can rotate 360 degrees. The keyboard minimum height is 22.4″ to a maximum 42.4″ and the LCD minimum is 36.3″ with a maximum of 61.3″.

Over the past month or so we’ve had the Ergotron WorkFit-C in for use and have enjoyed the ability to sit or stand while working. The flexibility of this workstation is one of its biggest strengths.

The WorkFit-C allows for two levels of adjustment to help you find your perfect fit. The whole stand move from sitting to standing with a push and you can separately adjust the monitors up and down as well as rotate them. This allows the user to customize the workspace exactly as it fits them. In testing with users of various heights the WorkFit-C performed well, though I wish you could raise the monitors up another inch or two. This is a personal preference, as I like my monitors higher so it will not be an issue for most users, merely an area Ergotron can improve on in future versions.

The table built into the Ergotron WorkFit-C is another item we like since it offers a place to keep documents you are working on and to keep a cup of coffee.

Not only has standing up for most of the day helped with chronic back pain, it also helps getting through the end of the day when posture can suffer the most.

The WorkFit-C is built with portability in mind and thanks to large sturdy wheels you can move it around a room or to another office fairly easily. The large wheels come with breaks to keep the desk in one place while in use and do a good job.

The WorkFit-C isn’t without areas that could use improvement. The stand does wobble side to side a little when you are not centered on the desk. For instance if you are showing someone an item and only mousing, you may see some side to side wobble. If you keep both hands on keyboard or one on the keyboard and one on the mouse it should be OK for most users. As I mentioned in the video if you can’t stand any wobble you will want to look for a different workstation.

Another area that could use improvement is cord management. While the WorkFit-C has a spot under the table to keep cord clutter down the monitor cords and cords going to the tower are exposed. We would love to see something built into the side of the cart as well as a built-in surge protector for powering two monitors and a computer. You can add a more advanced cord management system as an option, but at $899 it should be standard.

Finally, we wish that we could swap between dual LCD and LCD/Laptop on the same cart. Right now there is no way to change the setup without purchasing an additional WorkFit workstation.


Standing to work is a great thing, and the ability to switch between sitting and standing without the need for another desk or another computer has been a long time coming. If you think you would use a standup computer you can take steps to make your own and try it out. If you’re like us you’ll soon be looking for a permanent solution like the Ergotron WorkFit-C.

If price is an issue you should check out the $400 WorkFit-S which attaches to an existing desk and makes it a sit or stand up desk. Xavier has posted a review of the WorkFit S at GottaBeMobile and we will soon be sharing a review of the WorkFit-S here at Notebooks as well.


  • Adjustable for sitting or standing
  • Separate adjustable monitor mount
  • Table for paper items and coffee
  • Durable
  • Portable


  • Some back and forth wobble
  • Cable management could be better
  • Keyboard tray tight fit for Ergonomic keyboard
  • no ability to swap between configurations

You can find the Ergotron WorkFit-C from Ergotron for $899 and cheaper through some third parties.

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