How to Upgrade to Office 2010

Today we are going to take a look at upgrading to Microsoft Office 2010. Upgrading to new versions of Microsoft  Office is a fairly mundane task, but there are ...

How to Upgrade iTunes in Windows

iTunes is the popular music management tool developed by Apple for listening, managing audio files and other types of media such as Apps, Videos, TV Shows, Movi...
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How To Do Practically Anything in Windows 7

For the past month Andre, one of our knowledgeable bloggers, has been working to introduce readers to Windows y. His very detailed and easy to follow guides cover everything from choosing what version of Windows 7 fits your needs to a Guided tour of the new operating system. This post brings all of his guides to one central location so that you can learn how to do practically anything in Windows 7.
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Migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7

We continue our look at moving from previous versions of Windows to Windows 7. Yep, there are many Windows XP users out there who continue to enjoy it. But they are hearing about Windows 7 a lot lately and all the really cool new features it offers, from desktop improvements to how you do things easier like networking, organization of files and better performance.