Mionix Inductive Charging Wireless Mouse Pad Teased at CES

When it comes to charging a mouse for your notebook or even a desktop PC, options are a dime a dozen. There’s plenty of wireless mice available today, including ones that can be charged from a mouse dock, but Mionix has something in the works I’ve wanted for years.

The device is still a prototype, but should be easy enough to manufacture and get right, and the company promises to release its wireless inductive charging mouse and mouse pad before the end of the year. From a company called Mionix, here at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas we’re getting a first-hand look at a new inductive charging mouse pad and wireless mouse.


It’s a genius idea. One that I’m amazed Razor or Logitech haven’t came up with and released back in 2013, but imagine just using a wireless mouse as you always would, and it will always be charged. When the battery gets low or after a gaming session you simply set it on the center of the mouse pad, where it usually is anyways, and just walk away. It’s that simple.

Using inductive charging with a coil under the mouse pad and the lightweight receiver built into the mouse, users will be able to quickly and easily charge their mice. Sadly it won’t actually charge while you use it, at the same time, but with hours of battery life most should be fine, and each break you take the mouse will quickly juice up with power. Just don’t have a 10 hour gaming session.

The inductive charging receiver is built-in.

The inductive charging receiver is built-in.

There’s plenty of “magic chargers” or inductive chargers for wireless mice today, but we haven’t seen too many offering wireless inductive charging right inside the mouse pad. It really is ingenious, and something we expect to see plenty more of in the coming months. Of course users can charge the Mionix over micro-USB like other wireless mice, but there’s no need with inductive charging also on board.


Being a gaming mouse we can expect multiple options for macro settings and quick buttons, not to mention being able to change the LED colors for the mouse wheel and more. They plan to have more to show off in the coming months.

Mionix promises a release inside of 2014, which isn’t extremely helpful, but at least that gives them time to perfect the product and prepare a lineup of different shapes and sizes to offer a variety for notebook and PC users.

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