Canon X Mark I Calculator Mouse Caught on Video

The Canon X Mark I Mouse, which we saw first in August, is a pointing device and a calculator in one. It’s proof that some combinations just seem to work, even though you wouldn’t normally put them together and this seems like it might fit into the category.  The mouse works as a number pad for your computer or as a standalone calculator.


The video from Engadget reveals that it is a large mouse and while it doesn’t seem like it would be very comfortable, in a quick use the reporter said it was actually not too uncomfortable to use except for the sharp edges. The mouse is powered by AA batteries and connects via Bluetooth to a computer. It has only two buttons and scroll wheel. There are two colors, black and white. The calculator has the basic functions of a simple calculator. Even though the video said there was no price or ship date, the article reports that it will be a whopping $63.

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