Ergotron Launches WorkFit-D: Full Size Sit Stand Desk

Ergotron makes some of my favorite sit stand desks. The company has been working on sit stand desks for the past few years, and is announcing a new Sit Stand Desk and updates to various Sit Stand configurations.

The new desk is the WorkFit-D, which offers a full size desk that raises and lowers. It is also compatible with the Ergotron Arms for Monitors so that you can get just the right size.

The WorkFit-D is the sit stand desk I have been looking for. I have reviewed the WorkFit-C, a sit stand desk on wheels with a small worksurface. I have also used the WorkFit-S, which bolts on to your existing desk too. I like both of these solutions, but I miss the full work surface that you get with a traditional desk. The new WorkFit-D solves this problem beautifully.

WorkFit-D Sit Stand Desk

WorkFit-D Sit Stand Desk

The WorkFit-D can be raised or lowered in a 20″ range and offers a 23″ deep x 48″ wide workspace. There are a number of accessories which can be added including monitor arms, a keyboard and mouse mount as well as a floor mat to fight fatigue from standing.

In addition to the new desk which retails for $899, Ergotron has updated the WorkFit-C. The new version looks much nicer, less clinical, than the early version. This retails for around $800 depending on your configuration.

The WorkFit-S remains as it was, but they do offer several new accessories including a tablet/paper holder, attachable work surface and more to customize the experience. The thing I like most about this unit is the affordable price and ability tot work with almost any existing desk. The WorkFit-S starts at $379.

Each of these Sit Stand configurations support one to two monitors and can be configured with a monitor and a laptop if you desire. The company is now offering conversion kits for users that want to switch form a Laptop/LCD configuration to dual LCD etc.

I have been using a sit stand desk for over a year now and my back is loving it. The extra calories I burn while i stand are also quite helpful when holiday season arrives. I’m not getting skinny using a sit stand desk, but my back is noticeably better and my weight stays in check better.

While I ma in the process of moving I haven’t had my sit stand desk, which has given me some back pain and a hit in productivity as I feel more confined.

For more on the sit stand revolution, check out our Sit Stand Desk Guide with measurements examples and the info you need to get started with a DIY desk.

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