How To Setup 2 Finger Right Click on Windows Notebooks

Mousepads on Windows notebooks are getting better and better these days, and if you happen to have a notebook with a Synaptics clickable mousepad, or ClickPad, you can do more than mutlitouch gestures — you can setup multifinger mouseclicks. The most important of which is a two finger right click. Rather than hunting for a mouse button, you can simply press down on the mousepad with two fingers to perform a right click.

How to Enable Two Finger Right Click in Windows

Mouse Settings Windows 7

Step 1. Click Start and Type Mouse. Hit Enter to open mouse settings.

mouse properties Windows 7

Step 2. On most notebooks you will need to click on the rightmost tab. This may say UltraNav, Synaptics or even some other manufacturer name. Most often you can see the settings pretty easily from the Mouse settings.

mouse settings WIndows 7

Step 3. On the Synaptics tab, click on Settings.

Synaptics Mouse Settings

Step 4. Now you are looking at TouchPad Properties. This is where you can change all types of mouse settings, but today we will be looking at the Clicking menu.

Two Finger Right Click in Windows

Step 5. Click the Plus sign next to Clicking and then click on Tw0-Finger Click. On the right side, select Secondary Click (Context Menu, Special Drag). You could also choose another action if you want to do something other than a two finger right click on Windows.

Windows Notebooks with Synaptics ClickPad

In order for this to work, you will need a newer notebook with a clickable touchpad from Synaptics. These notebooks include, but aren’t limited to,

There you have it, two finger right click on Windows. While you are in the mouse settings, you can change all types of options and settings. We will be covering how to master your mouse later this week, to show you all the different options available to make your Windows touchpad almost as nice as a MacBook Pro. If you can’t stand your mousepad, check out a great portable notebook mouse such as the Razer Orochi.

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