Apple May be Working on MacBook and iPhone Battery Pack

A recent Apple patent reveals that Apple may be working on their own external battery pack for Apple notebooks, like the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and the iPhone.

If Apple does make an external battery pack for the MacBook Pro, don’t expect a bulky battery pack, the patent points to a battery that would be integrated into the charging cable. Obviously this would limit the power for a MacBook, but there are already numerous iPhone charging battery packs that are quite small and can double the battery life of your iPhone.


External Macbook Battery

External Macbook Battery Patent


The patent also points to the possibility of wireless charging, allowing you to keep your MacBook Air charged up without even pluggin in.

While Apple notebooks get relatively good battery life, HyperJuice is well known for selling extended batteries that can keep your MacBook going for hours and hours longer than the standard battery.

When it comes to the iPhone, it’s hard to find a hardcore user without a Mophie Juice pack strapped to the back of the power hungry iPhone.

Apple has been battling HyperJuice for some time, on the argument that the Apple owns patents on the MagSafe adapter. HyperJuice has since changed the extended MacBook Pro batteries to use the Apple Airline adapter and is working on offering a kit to make your own connection.

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