HyperMac Fixes Battery to Avoid Apple Litigation

At CES 2011, HyperMac announced a change to the design of their battery packs, which had resulted in legal trouble with Apple when they created an external battery pack that had an Apple MagSafe and iPhone/iPod Dock Connector.

An Apple suit, which claimed they were violating the strict licensing policy the company has for third parties who wish to use the connections. Venders must license the technology for a fee from Apple and apparently the folks at HyperMac didn’t do so resulting in a lawsuit.

The new design from HyperMac has a port for Apple’s auto/airline connections, which can be purchased from Apple for about $50, so that users can connect to the pack using their own cable instead of the previously supplied connectors that got the company into legal trouble with Apple. They also removed the Mac part of the name and dubbed them HyperJuice

The batteries will still connect to iOS devices using the Apple supplied USB cables. They come in capacities from 60 watt hours to 222 watt hours supplying anywhere from 13 or 15 hours for the MacBook Air 11.6 or 13.3 inch on up to 36 to 38 hours. For an iPad they provide from 34 to 38 hours of extra run time. The cost of the new batteries range from $170 to $450. The company’s web site has not yet been updated to reflect the change. We are not sure when the new models will become available.

Below is a video review of the current models still with the patent violating connection.

Source: Engadget

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