A new kind of MacBook dock- the Henge

As a MacBook user for several years now, I am always on the look out for a new way to use my MacBook with new acccessories.  The one I have had the hardest time with is a docking station.  I want the ability to use my large monitor, ergonomic keyboard and mouse with my MacBook.  But, the MacBook docking stations always tend to leave me wanting.

Sumocat from GBM alerted me to this post over at Wired about a new kind of docking station for a MacBook, the Henge.

Image from Wired.com

Lining up all the MacBook Pro’s connectors along one side doesn’t just save Apple money at the factory. It also makes the Henge Dock possible. The Henge Dock is a short plastic sleeve/stand into which you slide your MacBook or MacBook Pro.

As it comes to rest, the computer’s ports are gently filled by the male protuberances inside the dock, and these transfer the USB, audio, video and ethernet signals, along with power, to permanently attached cables. This lets you keep a neat and tidy desk setup, with speakers, peripherals and external monitor and just drop the Mac into the mix.

Here is a video showing how the Henge Dock works:

Currently over at Henge Docks, consumers can purchase the  13-inch Aluminum Unibody MacBook and MacBook Pro ($60 and $65). Other models are available for pre-order.

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