World Cup Soccer on YouTube

YouTube is featuring the FIFA World Cup today on its homepage. You can view countless videos of various teams and players competing in the world cup. For more ways to follow the World Cup in South Africa, visit this how-to article.

YouTube videos stream to just about any Internet device, including iPhones and iPads in addition to computers.

Included in YouTube’s coverage of the World Cup 2010:

– A video recounting the inspiring story of USA defender Oguchi Onyewu recuperating from his injury during a game back in October of 2009, in order to be ready to play in the World Cup.

– Legend Cafu’s longest “Goooal” shout to cheer on Brazil’s team

– As well as profiles of different teams, such as the USA team profile seen below

There are many more videos to watch right now as the World Cup kicks off today. As the tournament progresses, more videos will be added for your viewing pleasure.

To view YouTube’s coverage of the World Cub 2010 in South Africa, either visit or go straight to the World Cup content here.

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