iPad Also Coming to Verizon with Built-in 3G

Like AT&T’s version of the Apple iPad, Verizon will soon be selling its own Verizon Wireless iPad with a built-in 3G chip, according to Bloomberg. They quote Francis Shammo, chief financial officer of Verizon Communications as their source, making it pretty official.

Verizon already sells the iPad bundled with a Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 mobile hotspot for $629.99 for the 16GB version. The 32GB and 64GB versions are available for $100 and $200 more respectively. But now they will be able to include the 3G built-in saving users the necessity of buying an extra device.

There is no word on whether it will have built-in hotspot capabilities like the Verizon iPhone which was announced Jan 11. We also don’t know the price or availability date. Could it be that the rumored iPad 2 will debut on both Verizon and AT&T when it is refreshed, possibly this Spring one year after the original iPad’s debut?

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