Playing Favorites: Which Shift Key Do You Use?

After we shared our Ten Keyboard Commandments this week we heard from several other writers how much specific parts of our manual for a perfect laptop keyboard resonated with their typing habits.

This group includes Jason Dunn from who has to deal with Canadian keyboards that have an oddly shaped left shift key and his fellow writer Chris Gohlke who is partial to the right shift key.

This led to the question of which shift key users use most. Personally I split my time between both shift keys all depending on which shortcuts and which programs I am in. It doesn’t help that I have a touch typing style that would make a typing teacher cringe.

Right now the poll is leaning heavily towards left shift key users with only 7% of users favoring the right shift key on a regular basis. This could be why manufacturers are so apt to mess with the placement and size of the right shift key.

If you want to weigh in on the shifty movements of Shift keys on laptop keyboards vote in the survey below which is embedded from Laptop Thoughts.

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