Clamcase: Turn Your iPad Into a Netbook

Steve Jobs says the netbook isn’t a good solution. But others seem to want to turn his wonder device, the Apple iPad, into something very much like a netbook. First we saw the iPad Lapdock. Now we have the Clamcase.

The above picture is not of a new notebook computer. It is a new case for the iPad that is being developed and should ship this fall. You insert your iPad into the top part in portrait mode. The part that lays flat on a desktop or your lap houses a Bluetooth keyboard. You can close it like a normal notebook pc or you can open it folding the top part back so as to hold the iPad in the traditional way. Here is a video that shows it off:

The questions I would have are …

  1. If you want a netbook, why not pay $200-$400 less and get a netbook?
  2. Why is going to take you till this fall to ship?
  3. Will I be able to charge it inside the case?
  4. Is this going to add a lot of weight to the iPad which is slightly beefy already?
  5. Will the screen be protected from the keyboard keys or will it cause the screen to be slightly damaged over time like some notebook computers?
  6. What’s the price going to be? Better not be too high.
  7. How good is the keyboard?
  8. Can I have one?

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