Which Notebooks Have the Best Keyboards?

What company gives you the best typing experience? That’s exactly what Laptop Magazine wants to know in their latest Reader’s Choice Poll. The readers picked Apple last week for the Best Design but now the focus has turned to typing and touching, with 12 brands in competition for the best keyboard and touchpad.

With a little over 100 votes in so far Lenovo is out in front of the pack followed by Apple and HP in close competition. If you’ve read any of my notebook reviews you’ll know that I am a keyboard critic. I can type on anything, but I can only really enjoy typing on a few notebooks and so far Lenovo has been the best keyboard I have ever laid fingers on. The Lenovo Edge 14 we are currently reviewing the Edge 13 we reviewed early this year and the Edge 15 that Matthew Dillon just reviewed in Heatwave Red both offer amazing keyboards.

I’m not trying to influence the vote; just letting you know who I think will win. I hope you’ll go vote for your favorite keyboard and mouse. If I am missing out on an out-of-this-world typing experience — tell me in the comments so I can get to work!

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