Sony Updates VAIO EA, EB, EC and VAIO F Notebooks for Winter 2010

Sony announced a collection of winter updates and upgrades to the company’s VAIO line of notebooks including the popular VAIO E series which includes the 14″ VAIO EA notebooks, 15.5″ VAIO EB notebooks and 17.3″ VAIO EC as well as the 16.4″ VAIO F series of notebooks.

Most notably there are new processor upgrades for these notebooks, but we also see 1080P HD screen options, new graphics options, USB 3.0 on the VAIO F and a new purple color for the E series.

Vaio E Updates: In addition to the purple color option you see above, the VAIO EB and VAIO EC series now have the option to be configured with a 1080P HD screen. Under a current promotion Sony is offering a free upgrade to the HD screen on all VAIO EB or EC notebooks until October 9th or supplies of the free screens run out.

All of the VAIO E series notebooks also received new processor options with two new options for more power, the Intel Core i5-580 and Core i5-460M, and an option for a cheaper computer thanks to the inclusion of a new Pentium processor option. The VAIO EA and EB notebooks now also have the option of a 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 graphics, something the VAIO EC has already had.

The Sony VAIO E updates are available today with the VAIO EA series beginning at $699, the VAIO EB Series starting at $649 and the VAIO EC series starting at $769.

VAIO F Updates: The Sony VAIO F Series of notebooks didn’t receive a processor update today, but it did receive a new powerful GPU, the NVIDIA GeForce GT425M with 1GB of video RAM. This is part of the brand new NVIDIA GeForce 400M GPU line, all of which include Optimus to intelligently switch between discrete graphics and integrated graphics in order to deliver a better user experience and longer battery life. If you’re unfamiliar with Optimus you can think of it as having an automatic transmission in your car, where it is in the right gear without you needing to do anything.

The VAIO F Series was also upgraded to offer USB 3.0 support which will provide faster data transfer when connected to USB 3.0 hard drives and allow for some really cool uses of video over USB 3.0 in the near future.

The new Sony VAIO F series notebooks are available today and start at $999.

VAIO Signature Collection Updates: Sony didn’t announce any updates to the VAIO Signature collection, which is made up of tricked out or uniquely designed notebooks, but the company promised that we’ll see an update in October.

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