DisplayLink SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Can Handle Dual 1080P Displays Over USB

At the Intel Developer Forum this week DisplayLink, who you may know for making USB to DVI adapters and powering many docking stations, announced a new version of the company’s technology that works over USB 3.0 and can power dual 1080P HD displays from one USB port.

The new features are made possible by the higher speed and increased functionality of USB 3.0, which we gave you a glimpse of back at CES in January when the company showed off a system streaming HD content to one display over USB 3.0, but now DisplayLink is able to power two different displays without sacrificing on quality.

In the demo below, captured by Laptop Magazine you can see a DisplayLink 3.0 adapter powering a 46″ 1080P HDTV, while streaming off of an external Hard drive using USB 3.0. Oh, and you could be watching the another movie in HD on another monitor using the same cable.

For end users this means that as USB 3.0 becomes the new standard they can expect to connect one USB cord to their notebook to handle two HD displays, audio, network as well as connecting external hard drives that, when accessed, don’t degrade the quality of video shown on the USB 3.0 powered monitors. Business users will also be able to take advantage of the new technology, kissing docking stations to the curb in favor of universal solutions using the new technology from DisplayLink.

Docks and adapters using the new DisplayLink USB 3.0 technology should come to market in the first half of 2011, and we expect to see some more on this at CES in January. No word on pricing of these new DisplayLink powered accessories.

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