What Your Gadgets Say About You: Mac v. PC and iPhone v. Android and BlackBerry

It’s hard to find someone without at least one gadget these days and whether consumers know it or not their gadgets, specifically the brand of gadgets they use can tell us a lot about them. A recent Gadget Census survey by consumer review and comparison site Retrevo found that while all ages are now using gadgets users of specific gadgets share some common traits.

For example, did you know that Android owners are more likely to not have a land line telephone? Or how about the fact that households which use a Mac as their primary computer buy three-times as many iPhones and almost six times as many iPads as other households!

Another interesting statistic which came up was the fact that if the primary computer in a house is a PC there are not likely to be any Macs in the house, but if the primary computer is a Mac, PCs are common. Retrevo doesn’t have an answer as to why this is the case, but speculates that it may have something to do with users upgrading to a Mac and keeping the old PC for secondary use.

Android Owners are mor likely to own a netbook, but less likely to read books and also less likely to recycle than iPhone or Blackberry owners.

BlackBerry owners on the other hand are recyclers, with 38% claiming to recycle all old electronics. Also, if you wander into their living room, you’ll more than likely find an old CRT television.

The survey was conducted by Retrevo from March 2010 to July 2010 and included responses from over 7,500 individuals. If you’re looking to research a gadget’s life cycle, find a manual or read reviews you should check out Retrevo.com.

Images used with permission from Retrevo.

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