Google Voice Now Available for Everyone in the U.S.

Previously only open to those lucky enough to be invited, Google Voice is now available for everyone in the U.S. This revolutionary new service allows for the seamless integration of multiple phones, among many other features.

Google Voice was designed with convenience in mind. It incorporates many of the features that should come standard from service providers, as well as features you didn’t even know you wanted. First of all, if you have a Google Account, and I’m sure many of you do, signing up for Google Voice and using its features is a simple transition. All you do is sign in using your Google Account and manage the features in a Gmail like atmosphere. Best of all, it’s free! And it works on all phones, regardless of service provider. This means that those of you with a “dumbphone”, like me, can have some smartphone-like features. If you do have an iPhone or a Palm WebOS device, there is a Google Voice mobile site, and apps that allow you to take control of all the functionality included with the service. Android phones have a built in Google Voice app that integrates almost seamlessly with the phone.

Some of the features that Google Voice has to offer:

  • Google Voice Number – One number rings all of your phones
  • Block Numbers
  • Create customized greetings
  • Transcribe voicemail into text
  • Forward SMS messages to your email
  • Set up free conference calls
  • Screen Calls – Listen as the caller leaves a voicemail, and answer if you want to take the call.

For information on many more of the features included with Google Voice, visit their YouTube page or our review of Google Voice.

I have been using YouMail for about a year now, which has some of the features that Google Voice does, but not all of them. Basically, I was able to create personal greetings and view my voicemail in a pseudo visual voicemail format (basically told me who called and how long of a message they left via text). That was about it. YouMail offers voicemail transcription, but only with their premium, paid service. After reading about Google Voice, I will definitely be switching over very soon.

O, and did I mention it was free?

Via Google Voice

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