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New Get a Mac Ad Pokes Fun at Microsoft’s Laptop Hunters Series

Apple released a new 'Get a Mac' ad that portrays a woman shopping for a computer. As she states her requirements, several dull PC guys are dismissed while the Mac guy smirks. All of the PCs walk away when she states she wants a computer that doesn't have a ton of headaches, leaving her with the Mac guy.
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CNBC Can’t Get Mac vs. PC Facts Straight

The Mac vs. PC argument is being stoked by Microsoft's "Laptop Hunters" commercials and a fresh round of Apple's "Get a Mac Ads." Fanboys on both side of the debate are making their cases, but Jim Goldman, CNBC's silicon valley bureau chief, made some of the most ridiculous pro-Mac arguments I've ever heard on TV.
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Apple Releases Four New ‘Get a Mac’ Ads

Apple's released four new television commercials, featuring the usual "I'm a Mac....and I'm a PC" routine. Apple pokes fun at PCs and Microsoft throughout the commercials, while promoting only one Mac feature.