Apple Releases Four New ‘Get a Mac’ Ads

Apple’s released four new television commercials, featuring the usual “I’m a Mac….and I’m a PC” routine. Apple pokes fun at PCs and Microsoft throughout the commercials, while promoting only one Mac feature.

As a Mac user, I find these commercials annoying and childish. The best of the bunch sorta-kinda talks about a Mac feature, but the rest of them are just sarcastic attacks against Windows machines.

In Legal Copy, a disclaimer grows as the bottom of the screen as actor John Hodgeman makes claims about how easy it is to use a PC.

In another ad, Hodgeman dresses up in a biohazard suit.

Apple promotes iPhoto’s face-recognition capabilities in this commercial, which makes fun of how hard it is to find photos on a PC.

In the final ad, Apple looks into the future, and insinuates that Windows PCs will be horrible in the future.

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