Apple iPad 2 Has Arrived at Gottabemobile

Apple released the iPad 2 on March 11 at 5:00 PM and began taking preorders at 1:00 AM PST. During the day lines began to form outside Apple and Best Buy stores. Online sales pushed the shipping date late in the morning from days to weeks before the online Apple Store finally sold out before they even opened the brick and mortar stores for sale of the iPad 2.

Apple iPad 2

Over at our sister site,, the team put together some great coverage of the day as well as what to do when you get yours home.

Our editor Josh Smith posted some video of interviews he took of would-be iPad buyers in line at an Ohio Apple Store.

We were also on hand at the Best Buy in Hickory, NC where the buying experience was pretty smooth except for one poor customer who despite being first in line was didn’t get an iPad because they ran out. Check out that sad story.

Lines were pretty long at most Apple stores. Including the New York store where a woman who got their early cashed in by selling her place in line for $900. Our publisher Xavier Lanier went buy one in San Francisco and found 200 people already waiting at 2:00 PM.

Apple iPad 2 Line in San Francisco

200 in Line at San Francisco Mall Apple Store

With iPads in hand the team went to work checking out Apple’s new tablet. Warner Crocker watched as a friend unboxed his first ever iPad and got some first impressions.

They also have some good advice coming on what to do with your new iPad 2. Josh posted the Top 5 Things to make sure you do before downloading some of the new apps and games that take advantage of the great iPad 2 hardware.

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