Speck SeeThru for MacBook Pro 15″ Adds Color and Protection

The Speck SeeThru for the MacBook Pro 15″ unibody notebook adds a touch of color to your otherwise plain Apple computer. Even more important it also protects your notebook from dings and scratches. Our own Josh Smith reviewed the Speck SeeThru for MacBook Air and was satisfied with the protection. We had similar results with the MacBook Pro SeeThru cover from Speck.

Speck MacBook Pro Cover


The Speck SeeThru snaps onto the top and bottom of the MacBook Pro. The one complaint I had about the MacBook Pro when I reviewed it was that the aluminum case was susceptible to scratches and required protection. The Speck SeeThru gives it that protection without adding noticeable weight or bulk to this already large computer. It also means you don’t really need to have a sleeve if you like to carry your computer around without a bag.

Speck See Thru for MacBoo Pro 15"


The added benefit with the Speck SeeThru cover is that it looks good, depending on taste. As I was typing up this review, a person at a nearby table in the coffee shop where I’m sitting walked up and said, “Wow! What a beautiful color.” She was said it made the computer really stand out. If you want your computer to stand out, the Speck SeeThru is for you. For those who are more reserved, the bright blue color of the model we tested might not be your choice. We like it!

There are other colors including:

  • Pink
  • Red Satin
  • Pink Satin
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Purple Satin
  • Clear
  • Aqua

We tested the Aqua cover. It does look nice and allows the glowing apple to show through. But we could see how some more subdued personalities would prefer the black or clear covers.


Speck SeeThru protects the MacBook Pro

Notice the faint scratches - better a plastic case getting scratched than an expensive computer

What is more important to us is the protectiveness of the case. It does keep you from scratching the lid of your MacBook when putting your computer into a bag with some other sharp objects like the edge of a mouse or some metal USB cable connectors. In Josh’s review he found that the MacBook Air cover scratched easily. You will see from the picture above, there already are some scuff marks on the Speck SeeThru we tested as well. They are faint and you have to really be looking for them, but they are there. It would be nice if the plastic was harder and didn’t scratch at all, but better the Speck case get scratched than your expensive aluminum MacBook.

We did not drop the computer while using it, so we can’t say if it protects in that situation. A drop is likely a bit beyond its intended capabilities.


Speck SeeThru Cutouts

The good news is the cover does have cutouts for all the ports and connectors. It also has some non-skid feet on the bottom to keep the computer from sliding around even on slick surfaces like our glass desktop.

We did like how the case is functionally unnoticed as you use your MacBook Pro. We didn’t feel the case as we rested our rest on the front of the MacBook Pro while typing. The cover has a tight fit and the clips that hold the case in place are on the sides, rather than along the front where our wrists rest. We know this is a poor typing habit, but one shared by many other users, so the fit and placement is important.

Speck SeeThru is held on by clips

On the bottom there are vents to keep the MacBook Pro from getting too hot. The added benefit of having your computer in the case is when it does run hot, the case keeps your hands from getting as warm as you carry it or your legs from getting as warm as you type on your lap.

Installation and Removal

In Josh’s review he found that it was pretty easy to snap the Speck SeeThru on and off of the MacBook Air. We had no problem snapping it on. Getting it off was a little more challenging for the MacBook Pro model. In fact Speck has a video showing how to install and remove the case (see below). The difficulty we had removing the case is not a significant issue since we don’t plan to be removing it and re-installing it often.

Value and Recommendation

At $49.95 we see the Speck SeeThru as insurance plus decoration. It protects your MacBook Pro from getting dings and scratches while adding some color. If the latter is not important just pick one of the more subdued models. We think it is a good buy and are glad to have the cover protecting our MacBook Pro.


  • Looks nice
  • Protects well
  • Cutouts placed just right
  • Doesn’t add bulk or weight
  • Hardly noticeable while using MacBook Pro
  • Good value


  • Scuffs easily
  • Can be hard to remove

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