Samsung Galaxy Tab: No Phone Calls In the US and No 4G on Sprint

One of the exciting features about the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which we learned would be coming to all four major carriers this fall, made it potentially worth entering into a 2-year contract agreement. This was the ability to pair a Bluetooth headset with the Android tablet to make phone calls, as will be possible with models being released in Europe. Sadly, Engadget is reporting that this feature will be removed from the device for the US markets.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the device will most likely require a 2-year commitment from customers to get the subsidized price. We still don’t know what that price will be, but users are not unused to this model since most phones sell that way. But with the iPad being up for sale without a long contract, there was hope that the Galaxy Tab would follow suit; but WSJ’s report dashed most of those hopes.

In addition to that disappointment, the Tab won’t be capable of 4G speeds on the Sprint broadband network being rolled over the next couple of years.

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