Samsung Galaxy Tab Coming to All Four Major US Mobile Carriers

The much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab, an Android tablet with a 7-inch screen, is officially coming to all of the major US mobile phone carriers. Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile will sell the tablet. Samsung is not giving an exact date or price, leaving that up to each of the companies to announce themselves, according to Gottabemobile.

We previously told you that Verizon may be announcing the Tab, this week. That is true, but the other four will have it as well meaning that it will be more widely available than most of the other tablets released including the Apple iPad, which is only available with wireless broadband in the US from AT&T.

Samsung will also be adding a “Media Hub” to go along with the Tab. This will provide content which can be bought or rented. Included are TV shows and movies from NBC, MTV, Paramount and Universal.

A Wi-fi only version will also come at an undetermined date, says Samsung. Check out the specs and part of the press release at GBM or at the Samsung Mobile site.

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