Samsung planning a Chrome OS Netbook

chrome-logoLike many other major netbook makers Samsung has confirmed that it is working on a Google Chrome OS powered netbook.  The confirmation came at an event in Australia at which several new Intel powered netbooks were unveiled. Phil Newton, head of Samsung IT, told attendees that Samsung Australia would launch a Chrome OS netbook before the end of the year, and we can hope that some version of this will come to the States in a similar timeframe.

No detailed specs were announced but so far we do know that the device will be share many properties with the recently announced Samsung N210 including the standard 10.1″ screen and 2GB of RAM. Additionally the device is said to come with a 64 GB SSD, built in 3G connection, WiFi and a 12 hour battery life.

ChannelNews reports that it is possible the device will run on a 1.5Mhz Snapdragon processor, while CrunchGear hopes for dual Snapdragon processors or a dedicated GPU.

Via CrunchGear.

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