Download new Windows 7 themes from Microsoft

If you are a Windows user that loves changing your Wallpaper than maybe you should go film a “Windows 7 was my idea commercial” about the use of themes in Windows 7 to transform the look of your desktop. In addition to adding the capability to easily change the entire look of Windows 7, down to the taskbar and window colors, Microsoft has released 4 additional themes for Windows 7.

These themes are Czech Spring, Life, Shamrocks and Year of the Tiger. These themes are available as free downloads from Microsoft’s official personalization gallery. If you don’t know how to add themes or in order to add new themes or discover themes please see my post How to add Windows 7 themes and unlock hidden themes.

Czech Spring: Czech Spring themes comes with 8 beautiful wallpapers. Download Czech Spring theme from here.

czech spring

Shamrocks: This themes comes with 6 new festive wallpapers. Download Sharrocks theme from here.


Life: This themes add 5 new nature wallpapers to your personalization gallery. Download Life theme from here.


Year of the Tiger: This theme adds 6 new Tiger wallpapers to your personalization gallery. Download year of the Tiger theme from here.

tiger theme

Please visit Microsoft’s official personalization gallery webpage for more information or to download this theme.

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