How to Snap Windows on OS X Mavericks

When using OS X Mavericks it is easier to manage windows and use full screen apps especially while using a second monitor, but when it comes to overall window management Apple refuses to bake in support for snapping two windows side-by-side. With an affordable app you can snap Windows to the top, bottom, left or right in OS X Mavericks to more easily compare documents or web pages side-by-side.

Snap windows in OS X Mavericks with HyperDock.

Snap windows in OS X Mavericks with HyperDock.

There are many apps that offer enhanced window management on OS X Mavericks, but HyperDock is the best we’ve found.  With HyperDock users can use keyboard shortcuts and mouse movements to snap windows and resize them. The setup we use is shown below.

  • Snap to Left – control + option + left arrow
  • Snap to Right – control + option + right arrow
  • Snap to Top or Snap to Full Screen – control + option + up arrow
  • Snap to Small Window or Bottom – control + option + down arrow

These keyboard shortcuts are customizable, but this is what works best in our experience. With this we can move windows around without hunting for the edges and dragging edges all over. It is especially useful for putting two web browsers next to each other to reference something while typing in the other.

In addition to the keyboard shortcuts you can also click the top of a window and drag it to an edge to snap to the top, bottom, left or right without using the keyboard. This is especially handy while using a Mac Mini, Mac Pro or a MacBook with an external monitor.

See app previews for open windows with HyperDock.

See app previews for open windows with HyperDock.

In addition to the window management HyperDock does quite a bit more. If you place a mouse over an app in the OS X Dock it will pop up a window Preview to show what is in the app and some apps like Spotify and iTunes include music playback controls. It will also show calendar events when placing the mouse over the calendar app icon.

HyperDock is available direct from developer for $9.99 as well as on the Mac App Store. It is best to buy direct from the developer as the Mac App Store limits the use of the shortcuts and other functionality.

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