Show Battery Percentage on Your iPhone’s Status Bar

I’m pretty sure that Apple slipped this in with the iPhone OS 3.0 update; there is finally a way to see the exact battery percentage in your iPhone’s status bar, rather than just having to guess from the small battery icon. I swear it seems like the battery icon only reads 25%/50%/75% ok maybe it’s a bit better than that but still having the actually percentage is so much more useful. Enabling it is quite simple:

  1. Flick over to the left of your first apps page and search for Settings (or just find the icon itself) and launch it


  2. Once Settings loads, scroll down until you find General, click on it


  3. Under general find and go into the Usage section


  4. Right at the top there is a little switch next to Battery Percentage, just flip the switch and voila!

    IMG_0721 IMG_0722

Enjoy being able to accurately determine your remaining battery life!

Also, I’m not 100% (bad pun intended) sure if this option is available to iPod Touch users. If you have an iPod Touch why don’t you have a quick look around and let us know in the comments?

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