Get to know your PC with CPU-Z

If you don't know a lot about your notebook configuration like your hardware, processor model, RAM size and speed, BIOS brand and version then you should check ...
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Infosys to double their workforce in US

Infosys Technologies, India's second-largest software exporter by revenue after Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, plans to nearly double its work force in the U.S....
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Grab a Copy of Left 4 Dead 2 for $39

Sometimes it's best just to wait a day or two and not pick up that highly anticipated game right away. For the patient ones among you, today is your day. Lef...

SkyDrive: Add 25 GB of Cloud Storage to Your Notebook for Free

If there's one thing you can never have too much of, it's hard drive space. Most notebooks these days come with relatively large hard drives, but if you're stuck with an 8 GB netbook or just need easy access to cloud storage that you can access anywhere then Microsoft Live SkyDrive is just what you're looking for and thanks to a new tool, SkyDrive Explorer, you can access it right from My Computer.
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Improved Windows 7 Applets

For many years Windows has included a set of productivity applications for basic task such as word processing, graphics and number crunching. These applications I speak of are WordPad, Paint and Calculator. In addition to these stalwarts there are a couple others users might miss out on, they include Sticky Notes and the dedicated XPS Viewer application. WordPad and Paint in particular have embraced significant changes to their interfaces.

Review of Phoenix FailSafe: Track Down Lost Laptops and Data

Losing your laptop can be a huge pain. Not only are you out the cost of your laptop but you may have lost confidential documents or a term paper that hasn't yet been backed up. There are several programs and services that let you track down your laptop and even work with law enforcement to help recover a stolen laptop. Phoenix Technologies, notably known for making Bios software, has a new service call FailSafe that helps you track the last place your laptop connected to the internet, retrieve or delete files and even disable the computer completely.
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How To Turn Your Notebook Into a Second Monitor

Dual screens are an absolute must for anyone who works with multiple documents or windows that contain relevant data. Unfortunately not every company is willing to spend the money for a second graphics card and a monitor. Thankfully that doesn't matter anymore. Thanks to a cool application called MaxiVista you can turn any networked notebook into a second monitor.