Infosys to double their workforce in US

Infosys Technologies, India’s second-largest software exporter by revenue after Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, plans to nearly double its work force in the U.S. and remains on the lookout for acquisition targets in Germany, France and Japan; its Chief Executive S. Gopalakrishnan told the Wall Street Journal.

The company, which had 1,200 U.S. employees as of March 31 had said in April it would hire more staff in the U.S. and has is making good on that promise adding with plans to add 1,000 employees in the states. As of Sept. 30, Infosys had a total of 105,453 employees worldwide.

Infosys Technologies joins other Indian software exporters in gradually stepping up hiring to prepare for an expected increase in outsourcing deals as technology spending makes a modest comeback in developed nations.

This hiring may signal good news for the U.S. economy as it is expected that more consumers are spending again and, at this point, the addition of 1,000 jobs is a very welcome addition to the economy.

Infosys, who gets about 66% of its revenue from the U.S. market, had forecast $4.60 billion to $4.62 billion of revenue for the current fiscal year in October, down 1% to 1.3% from a year earlier.

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