April 12th Release of Adobe CS5 Good for nVidia Users

Betanews is reporting that they have received confirmation that Adobe will release Adobe Creative Suite 5 at an online launch event at 11:00 a.m. EDT on April 12.

Included in the new suite will be Mercury, a better HD Video rendering engine. The reason Mercury is an improvement is that it uses the power from nVidia graphics cards to do decoding for a better overall experience. ATI users will not get this benefit due to the fact that software developers do not  yet have full access to ATI’s OpenCL API for driver support.

The other touted benefit of this upgrade is Flash Catalyst, which is a development engine used to create Flash programs focused on designers and graphic artists, similar to Microsoft’s Expression Studio.

There is no official word from Adobe about pricing yet.

UPDATE: Adobe is now confirming this with a new web page for counting down till the big launch.

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